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Ohio Underage DUI Defense Lawyers Helping Clients

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Facing DUI charges as an underage person can be highly frightening. The legal limit for a person’s blood alcohol concentration is not the same for someone under the legal drinking age as it is for an adult, making it difficult to avoid a conviction. An underage drinking and driving conviction can result in license suspension, a jail sentence, and hefty fines.

Acting quickly is extremely important in a DUI case. The court arraignment can be scheduled right away, often leaving little time to obtain representation and get the legal counsel you need. Please call us immediately to learn more about how our legal team can help you fight your DUI-related crimes. We also offer counsel on interacting with law enforcement so you don’t risk accidental self-incrimination during the investigation process.

If you are charged with an underage DUI in Ohio, you should reach out to an underage DUI defense lawyer right away. Your attorney can help you fight the charges and avoid the worst criminal penalties. At Weisenburger Law Offices, LLC, we have spent decades defending clients facing DUI-related charges. Call 330-296-8000 (Ravenna office) and 330-686-2890 (Stow office) to learn more about how we can help you.

What Is Ohio’s DUI Law?

When facing criminal charges, especially with something as emotionally charged as a DUI, it is essential to understand the law. Our lead attorney has over 30 years of experience defending individuals accused of a criminal offense, including DUI. We can help you understand the legal process in Ohio and explain your options.

Definition of Driving Under the Influence for Minors

With Ohio’s complex DUI laws, it takes a great deal of education and experience to understand the nuances of how to fight DUI charges. For example, an individual can be charged with multiple criminal offenses if a police officer arrests them for DUI. They may first face charges of driving under the influence, and if a blood serum, urine, or breath test reveals an illegal level of alcohol in the blood, they may also be charged with OVI or operating a vehicle under the influence.

Matters become even more complicated when the driver is underage since an adult is permitted to drive with up to 0.08% BAC as long as their driving is not impaired, but someone under the legal drinking age may be arrested for DUI with a 0.02% BAC.

Burden of Proof

It is also important to understand that the burden of proof rests on the prosecution in any criminal case. An experienced lawyer can help introduce doubt into the facts of your case, demonstrating that you might not be guilty. Please understand that you do not have to prove your innocence. The prosecution has the burden of proving guilt.

Law Enforcement Conduct

Law enforcement officers have the duty of conducting themselves according to Ohio law. Some examples of ways that police officers could have violated your rights include:

  • Not having a valid reason for the traffic stop
  • Not administering the field sobriety test accurately
  • Failing to record the interaction using the cruiser camera on the police officer’s dashboard

What Penalties Could I Face for an Underage DUI Conviction?

Depending on the blood alcohol level recorded in the blood test, an underage driver could face various penalties. Generally, the judge could be lenient if the BAC was low and if the incident is the offender’s first DUI/OVI. However, it is always advisable to seek legal representation to get the most favorable results possible in your underage OVI case.

Jail Time

A DUI/OVI conviction could very well lead to jail time. Minor infractions, such as a BAC of less than .08 and a first offense, might mean a sentence to community service. However, if your BAC was over .08, you could be tried as an adult and sentenced to up to one year in jail.


Those found guilty of drunk driving as a minor with a BAC between .02-.08 could be convicted of a fourth-degree misdemeanor and fined up to $250. However, the fine could go as high as $1500 for multiple offenses or higher BAC levels.

Points on Driving Record

Adults who are guilty of DUI/OVI could have several points added to their driving record. This could mean higher insurance prices and eventual license suspension. Underage DUI can likewise lead to points on the driving record.

License Suspension

Like an adult convicted of driving while intoxicated, an underage individual could also face license suspension of anywhere from six months to three years.

How Can Hiring an Attorney Help Me Fight My Underage DUI Charges?

Hiring a trusted legal representative is critical when developing a criminal defense against underage consumption of alcohol and DUI. Your lawyer can help you identify weaknesses in the prosecution’s argument and introduce doubt about your guilt. Your attorney will also guide you through the investigation process, helping you know when to exercise your right to remain silent and how to answer police officer’s questions. Please call our law firm immediately to get the legal counsel and representation you need.

Should You Hire Our Underage DUI Defense Attorneys?

If you or your loved one is a young person facing charges of DUI/OVI, you may worry about the future and wonder if you can do anything to avoid the hefty sentencing that comes with a conviction. Thankfully, there is hope when you are working with experienced attorneys like those at Weisenburger Law Offices, LLC.

Our skilled lawyers have decades of experience helping clients in both adult court and juvenile court. We can help you create a defense that will give you a better chance of avoiding the worst consequences, possibly getting your charges lowered or even dismissed. Please get in touch with our team of attorneys right away if you are facing DUI/OVI charges and are under the age of 21. You can reach us at 330-296-8000 (Ravenna office) and 330-686-2890 (Stow office) to schedule an initial consultation.