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Living Wills

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End Of Life Decisions

A Living Will is an extremely important document for all adults to consider. Certainly, it requires the guidance of an Estate Planning Lawyer.

A Living Will is used to document your wishes regarding end of life treatment. These are directions to your doctor and family as to what treatments you would want if you have a terminal condition or are in a permanently unconscious state.

A Living Will Protects Your Loved Ones From Having To Make Difficult Decisions

If doctors have determined that you have a total loss of higher brain function and will be permanently unaware of yourself and your surroundings, would you want to be kept alive as long as possible using artificial hydration and nutrition, or would you want to be allowed to die naturally?

These are incredibly important and personal decisions. They are decisions everyone should make for themselves through a Living Will.

While not easy to consider, planning ahead and creating a Living Will can prevent your loved ones from having to make these difficult decisions themselves. Can you imagine one of your children having to decide to “pull the plug”? Or siblings fighting over that decision?

A Living Will also helps to ensure that your wishes are carried out and may prevent a long and ugly probate fight if your family does not agree on the best course of action.

Portage County Estate Planning Lawyer

Our Estate Planning lawyer can help you gain peace of mind by securing these issues. Consulting with an experienced estate planning lawyer is essential. It will ensure that your final wishes regarding your property, your loved ones, and your healthcare options are carried out.

Not all lawyers are created equal. In difficult times, it is vital to select a lawyer who can relate to your situation in a very professional and sensible way.

Our Estate Planning attorney has the experience you need to address all your questions regarding wills trusts and probate, including estate administration. He is a knowledgeable and compassionate lawyer.

We are located 5 minutes from the Portage County courthouse in Ravenna, OH. Our law firm was created in 2000, and our lawyers have been servicing the Portage County community ever since.


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