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Ohio Felony Penalties

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Ohio Felony Penalties At A Glance

Ohio has now changed to Indeterminate Sentencing on many felonies, so please consult this Ohio Felony Penalty chart below for the most accurate information:

Special Felonies Prison Term Max. Fine
Aggravated Murder with death specification Death
Life without parole
Life with parole after 20, 25 or 30 years
$ 25,000
Aggravated Murder without death specification Life with parole after 20 years $ 25,000
Murder Fifteen to Life
Life without parole if sexual motivation specification and sexually violent predator specification
$ 15,000

Other Felonies Prison Term Max. Fine
First Degree 3-10 years $ 20,000
Second Degree 2-8 years $ 15,000
Third Degree 1-5 years $ 10,000
Fourth Degree 6-18 months $ 5,000
Fifth Degree 6-12 months $ 2,500

Murder carries the possibility of the death sentence under certain circumstances in Ohio. Additional prison time may apply in cases involving firearms, repeat violent offenders, and major drug offenders.

  • Some offenses, such as repeat DUI offenses, major traffic offenses, and sex offenses, may carry mandatory prison sentences.
  • Felony one and felony two level offenses carry a presumption in favor of prison time.
  • Felony four and felony five level offenses generally carry a presumption against prison time.
  • Felony three level offenses may not carry any presumption.


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