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Ravenna and Stow Ohio Drug Trafficking Defense Lawyer

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Ohio laws strictly prohibit any individual from using, transporting, offering, or selling illegal substances. However, the process of identifying and arresting a person for drug trafficking is complicated, often involving informants, search warrants, sting operations, and suspect surveillance. If you have been charged with a drug crime, a knowledgeable attorney can help you identify ways your rights were violated and may be able to get the charges reduced or dismissed.

A drug crimes conviction in Ohio can devastate your life. These charges range from a minor misdemeanor to a serious felony. You could face hefty fines, years in prison, and other consequences depending on your unique case and circumstances. Not to mention that a criminal record can affect your ability to seek custody of your children, gain employment, keep your driver’s license, and enjoy a social life.

Don’t take any risks when it comes to the negative impact of a drug trafficking conviction. Contact Weisenburger Law Offices, LLC, for the legal counsel and representation you need when facing charges of drug trafficking. You can reach us at 440-771-8525 to schedule a consultation with our caring and capable legal team.

What Is the Difference Between Drug Trafficking and Drug Possession?

Understanding your charges is essential when you are facing accusations of criminal activity. Drug trafficking charges in Ohio are extremely serious and often carry heftier penalties than a simple charge of possession of illegal controlled substances.

Drug Possession

Drug possession charges occur when a person is arrested for having illegal drugs on their person, in their car, or anywhere they can easily access the illicit substance. However, possessing the drugs with the intent to sell becomes a much more severe crime.

Drug Trafficking

Prosecutors may believe you intended to sell the drugs and could try to persuade a jury to convict you of this more serious crime. Some methods used to prove that someone was participating in a drug sale include calling witnesses, using surveillance of the defendant, and providing evidence that you had a large amount of drugs in your possession. Drug trafficking often involves additional criminal charges, such as conspiracy or smuggling drugs across the border.

What Penalties Could I Face with a Drug Trafficking Conviction in Ohio?

Your penalties could vary greatly depending on the severity of your crimes. You could face monetary fines, time in prison, driver’s license suspension, and more. The penalty will depend on the type of controlled substance you were carrying. For example, transporting Schedule II or Schedule I drugs would be more serious than selling Schedule IV drugs.


A drug trafficking charge could result in hefty fines. For Schedule I or Schedule II drugs, such as cocaine, the penalty could include fines of up to $20,000. Lesser charges may consist of fines of up to $2,500.

Jail Time

The severity of the punishment depends largely on the nature of the drug charges you are facing. With an aggravated trafficking conviction, you could expect to receive up to 18 months in prison. However, trafficking a large amount of illegal substances, such as marijuana, could result in up to 11 years in prison.

Other Consequences

Many people don’t realize that there is more to a federal drug trafficking charge than jail time and a fine. You could lose your driver’s license and professional license, such as a license to practice medicine. Criminal charges can drastically affect your ability to work and enjoy your family life. You may lose custody of your children and have a hard time finding employment. Contact a trusted criminal defense lawyer immediately to get help creating a strong defense to beat your drug charge.

What Defenses Can I Use to Fight My Drug Trafficking Charges?

Facing charges for drug-related crimes can be frightening. You may wonder if there is any way to fight the accusations leveled against you. However, there is still hope! You can work with a drug trafficking lawyer to create a solid defense to beat your charges.

Some of the common defenses used when an individual is charged with a drug trafficking offense include:

  • Law enforcement violated your rights by performing an illegal traffic stop.
  • Police officers did not obtain a warrant to search you or your residence.
  • The case is based on mistaken identity, and you are not the person who engaged in drug trafficking.
  • Illegal surveillance renders the evidence unusable in court.
  • You acted under duress or threat of violence.
  • The evidence is unavailable, so the charges should be lowered or dropped.

If you are accused of a felony drug abuse offense, you don’t need to go through this process alone. Contact our criminal defense lawyers right away to fight your illegal drug charges.

Should You Hire Our Drug Trafficking Defense Attorney?

Hiring a criminal defense lawyer is a crucial step in defeating your drug-related charges. When you choose Weisenburger Law Offices, LLC, you can rest assured that your case will be handled by knowledgeable attorneys with decades of experience helping clients fight criminal charges.

We know what it takes to get favorable results in a drug crimes case, and we will use our knowledge, experience, and dedication to fight for you. We can help you understand your options when facing drug charges and offer excellent legal counsel. We can also guide you through the investigation process, helping you give proper answers to law enforcement officials to avoid accidental self-incrimination.

There is too much at stake to leave your drug trafficking case in the hands of a less-experienced criminal defense lawyer. A sentencing could mean thousands of dollars in fines, years in prison, and a criminal record that could haunt you for the rest of your life. Please rely on our skills and decades of experience when you are charged with drug trafficking. Call our legal defense team at 440-771-8525 to schedule a consultation immediately.