Understanding your Goals

The attorneys at Weisenburger Law Offices, LLC endeavor to not only understand your goals, but they will also take the necessary time to explain to you each and every aspect of your case in detail. Whether you seek a dismissal, a reduction or an acquittal in a criminal case, or to reach specific goals in a family law case, we will help you evaluate your chances and expectations.

We Approach Each Case with an Eye Towards Winning

Our first goal in your case is to explore the possibility of getting the charges dismissed or examine your goals in a family law or probate case, and define a strategy to help you reach them. If that isn't feasible, the next goal is to get you the best possible resolution. Then it is your decision whether to resolve the case through negotiation or to take it to trial.

Fighting for You

The results our attorneys obtain for their clients are achieved through thorough investigation, comprehensive preparation, personal attention and hard work. They begin immediately by gathering information and evidence: witness statements, narratives, police reports, tests, call records, audio tapes, videotapes, photographs and other physical evidence pertaining to the alleged crime, affidavits and disclosure statements in other cases.

They find out as much as possible so he can take a comprehensive look at every single element of your case and the best course of action to take.



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