Living Wills

A living will is another important document for all adults to consider. A living will is used to document your wishes regarding end of life treatment. These are directions to your doctor and family as to what treatments you would want if you have a terminal condition or are in a permanently unconscious state.

If doctors have determined that you have a total loss of higher brain function and will be permanently unaware of yourself and your surroundings, would you want to be kept alive as long as possible using artificial hydration and nutrition, or would you want to be allowed to die naturally? These are incredibly important and personal decisions. They are decisions everyone should make for themselves. While not easy to consider, planning ahead and creating a living will can prevent your loved ones from having to make these difficult decisions themselves. A living will also helps to ensure that your wishes are carried out and may prevent a long and ugly probate fight if your family does not agree on the best course of action.

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