Estate Planning

What is Estate Planning?

Estate planning is the term used to describe the process of preparing for eventualities such as death or incapacity in more complex cases, sometimes involving trusts, a power of attorney for healthcare or finances, living wills, etc. It offers numerous benefits even if you don’t have tangible possessions. These procedures are generally handled by Estate Planning Lawyers.

Simple wills and living wills are very common. Our Portage County Estate Planning lawyers help clients with these documents, making sure they are drafted and executed properly to ensure that they are valid.

Estate Planning includes the legal process by which your property is collected, managed and distributed after a person’s death, which is known as “probate”. Some types of property pass automatically under Ohio law, while other types are required to go through the probate process. The probate process in Ohio is usually longer and more time consuming than most people assume. It helps to plan ahead to avoid some of these problems.

Estate Planning Lawyers for Complex Situations

  • Managing your estate on behalf of your children after a divorce or separation, for example, requires special the skills of an Estate Planning lawyer: will your ex-spouse or another relative be in charge of your money?
  • An Estate Planning lawyer can help you take measures to protect a child with special needs
  • Who will take care of your finances or make medical decisions on your behalf if you become incapacitated.
  • Estate Planning also includes guardianship or the choice of a guardian in case both parents die at the same time. Our Estate Planning lawyers have handled many cases where the lack of planning resulted in great extra hardship for bereaved children.
  • Trusts can be created to protect your money to be distributed in any way you wish for specific purposes. Our Estate Planning can help you reach your goals.

Our Estate Planning lawyers can give you the proper guidance and the best legal advice, and draft the documents to protect your interests of getting your affairs in order.

Portage County Estate Planning Lawyer

Our Estate Planning lawyer Estate Planning lawyer in Portage, Summit and Cuyahoga Counties, can help you gain peace of mind by securing these issues. Consulting with an experienced Estate planning lawyer is essential in making sure that your final wishes regarding your property, your loved ones, and your healthcare options are carried out.

Not all lawyers are created equal. In difficult times, it is important to select a lawyer who can relate to your situation in a very professional and sensible way.

Attorney Rachel Dodds has the experience you need to address all your questions regarding wills and probate, trusts, drafting and execution of all legal documents, and estate administration. She is a knowledgeable and compassionate lawyer.

Weisenburger Law Offices, a law firm in Ravenna, OH, is located 5 minutes from the Portage County Courthouse. Our lawyers are dedicated to serving clients in Portage and Summit Counties. Weisenburger Law Offices was created in Portage County in 2000 and our lawyers have been servicing the Portage County community ever since.


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