Ohio Felony Law

The Most Serious Crimes are Categorized as Felonies

Unlike misdemeanor offenses, felony offenses carry the potential for prison time in the state penitentiary system as opposed to local jails. Ohio is one of the thirty-eight states that allow capital punishment for certain felonies.

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Ohio Felony Penalties

In Ohio, Felonies are Punishable with Prison Time

There are many exceptions and additions to these general rules, so please consult a criminal defense attorney for specific penalty information.

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Ohio Felony System

How the Ohio Felony System Works

The Ohio felony system is old and archaic, dating back over 200 years to the old English common law concepts. The felony criminal procedure in Ohio is an illogical patchwork of laws, making it difficult to understand.

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Preliminary Hearings

Preliminary Hearings in Municipal Court

In criminal cases where a complaint is filed alleging a felony offense, the defendant is typically scheduled for a preliminary hearing in Municipal Court.

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Grand Jury

Felony Charges in Ohio

Both the United States Constitution and the Ohio Constitution specify that citizens cannot be brought to trial for a crime categorized as a felony offense unless a Grand Jury hands down what is called an indictment. In order to pursue an indictment on a felony charge in Ohio, the prosecutor is required to utilize a grand jury.

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Bond Hearings

In Felony Cases, the Bond is Set by a Judge

A bond is a guarantee given to a court to ensure that a person will make all required court appearances. The type of bond required varies depending on the type of offense, as well as other factors.

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Early Judicial Release

Ohio Revised Code section 2929.20 - Sentence Reduction through Judicial Release.

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