All Criminal Charges

All Criminal Charges

Attorney Weisenburger practices solely in the field of criminal defense, including felony and misdemeanor charges. He handles all types of criminal cases, from the most serious felony charges to less serious misdemeanor offenses.

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Criminal Defense Strategies

Common Defenses that a Criminal Lawyer can Raise Against Criminal Charges

In a criminal case the burden is on the prosecution. To convict a criminal defendant of a crime in Ohio, the prosecutor must prove each and every element of the offense beyond a reasonable doubt. The defendant is given an opportunity to present a defense, but does not necessarily need to do so. Sometimes a defendant can stand on his Constitutional right not to testify (and put the prosecution's case to the test). There are many types of defenses, which can be discussed with your criminal defense attorney.

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Felony Drug Cases

Ohio Felony Drug Offenses

First off, nearly every drug offense in Ohio carries a potential driver's license suspension of up to five years. This license suspension applies regardless of whether or not a vehicle was involved.

Worse yet, the license suspension will show up on your driving record essentially for the rest of your life, and is listed by the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles as a “Drug Suspension”. It cannot be removed, even if the underlying felony offense is later sealed or expunged.

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Misdemeanor Drug Cases

Ohio Misdemeanor Drug Offenses

A misdemeanor drug conviction has serious ramifications and life-long repercussions. Many of these are not readily apparent to someone who has never been charged before.

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White Collar Crime

White Collar Crime for Financial Gain

White collar criminal activities are usually committed by people in positions of authority, trust and power, typically in their place of work and sometimes with the explicit or implicit consent of their employers. White collar crimes are generally non-violent and primarily relate to some type of financial gain to the perpetrator.

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Internet Crimes

Computer Crimes

The internet has become more and more prevalent as a tool in the lives of private citizens and businesses in recent years. Because of this, legal issues associated with the internet have grown substantially. So has the field of internet and computer crimes law. The emerging arena of internet law continues to expand.

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Sex Offenses

Sex Offense Convictions in Ohio can be Devastating

The repercussions of a conviction for a sex offense extend far beyond fines and incarceration. Such a crime can affect your personal relationships, reputation, employment, housing, child custody, and a host of other problems. You run the risk of being labeled as a sex offender, having to register and being listed online as a sex offender. This may be permanent.

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Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Charges Portage County and Summit County

The police aggressively pursue Domestic Violence charges even when there is no physical evidence that a crime of Domestic Violence occurred. All the police need to make an arrest is an oral statement of a family or household member or alledged victim. No visible injuries are required.

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Murder and Homicide

Murder, Manslaughter and Homicide

A conviction for Aggravated Murder, Murder, Voluntary Manslaughter, Involuntary Manslaughter, Reckless Homicide or Aggravated Vehicular Homicide may well result in a lifetime behind bars in the Ohio penitentiary system.

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Assault and Violent Crimes

Murder, Homicide, Assault & Violent Crimes

Violent crimes are taken very seriously by the Prosecuting Attorney. In fact, the prosecutor's offices in Portage County and Summit County usually assign their best prosecutors to cases regarding assault, murder, homicide and other violent offenses.

This is why it is in your best interest to hire a lawyer who has the knowledge and experience needed to match the government's extensive resources, protect your rights and guard your freedom.

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Theft Charges

Consequences of Theft Charges

Theft is not only a criminal offense, but may also subject the offender to civil liability for damages.

This is especially true in shoplifting cases involving retail stores, even if all the stolen items are recovered by the store. Many courts will require you to pay restitution to the alleged victim.

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